Full Time Attendance System

Desk-Based Time Attendance System That Prevents Evasion, Time Waste and Ensures The Profitability, and Salary Accuracy with Fairness, calculate Time Attendance, Time Attendance Events, generates Reports and 360 Views, Systems Integration, Overtime & Lateness, Mini Payroll System, Loans & Deductions, Clock-in & Clock-out, Break Time Out & Back, One Device for Each, One Device fir Many, Break Time Out & Back, Vacation & Suspension,  Pivot Table Reports, Excel Import & Export, 360 Degrees Reports, Time Shifts & Projects

We are paid to offer our clients: 

Presence Confirmation

Desk-Based Time Attendance System Prevents Evasion, Time Waste Ensures Profitability, The System Will Randomly Call Loudly during work hours, Each Time The Screen wait 10 minutes to show employee's face, it will give Reports & Analysis about times he showed his face to prove his presence and times he failed to show his face to prove his presence

Instant Work Time Monitoring

Screens Names Logging Analysis System, Acknowledge All Employees with the Screen Names Analysis System, Only Screen Names are Captures, no screen recording, Analysis and Reports about Allowed Screens, Unknown Screens, Forbidden Screens. Time away might seem like a few minutes here and there.

Alerts & Messaging System

Automatic Alerts about Unplanned Absence, Late Arrival, Early Leaving, Late Arrival, generate Automatic Messages about current Employees In and Employees Out the work location, Manual configurable Messages about Outgoing Mail Incoming Mail Announcement, Text Chatting  One to One Chat and Group Chat

Advanced Accurate Technology

Anti Spoofing, accurate with no errors with Beard, Hats, Glasses, Mustache, 3D Mask, Mobile Photos, Gives Salary Accuracy with Fairness, Can Configured for specific jobs like clerks & salesmen

Multi locations Technology

multi locations company can use 99 Time Tech Time attendance software system that it supports server client and multi location technology using the internet and the intranet

Full Time Attendance System

Desk-Based Time Attendance System That Prevents Evasion, Time Waste and Ensures The Profitability, and Salary Accuracy with Fairness, Perfect & Cost effective for Many Industries

More benefits:

Potential attendance issues

Tracking attendance to find out whether there are any issues that should be addressed. taking scheduled time off, employees’ arrival, leaving and break times are essential to ensuring work hours are not being abused. This is important for monitoring planned and unplanned absences, as well as enforcing attendance policies.

Increased Productivity

Gives employees more time to concentrate on their roles and responsibilities that produce results for the company. Manual reentry is eliminated. Time devoted to payroll decreases from five hours per day to less than 20 minutes per pay cycle.

Spend less time on payroll

Accurately capture and record employees’ working time, help eliminate over-payment for hours not worked and benefits not earned. They also reduce the workload of human resources personnel by automating calculation of payroll and benefits. Such systems can also compile cumulative data to generate reports to be used for employee evaluations.

Easy to schedule vacations

Tracking attendance makes it easier for managers to monitor the amount of vacation time each employee takes. Employee attendance tracking is a basic function that provides many benefits to an organization. Managing it properly assists employees with being more accountable for their time and provides essential data for making business decisions.